Olymp Trade Review
Differences Between the IQ Option
and Olymp Trade Platform

August 18, 2020

Olymp Trade vs IQ Option Comparison

With such a wide range of online brokers to choose from it is important to review whichever ones there is interest in, in order to find the one that fits best. To properly decide, traders need to be aware of the key points that define each of these brokers. Let us piece together the different components that make up the trading options of both IQ Option and Olymp Trade.

Armed with this knowledge, traders can select the platform that will provide them with the best fit. The journey through this IQ Option and Olymp Trade review begins now.

The important thing in this review is to identify the factors that hold the most merit for the specific use the trader wants to implement.

History and Regulations

Experience in the field is an important consideration in choosing an online broker

IQ Option is the more experienced online broker, having been introduced into the world as far back as 2013. A year later, Olymp Trade was launched and joined the rank and file of the others in the field. Experience isn't everything, but it can have a major impact and not just the overall offering provided but the tailored experience that the users are presented with.

IQ Option is based out of Cyprus and has around 50 million registered users to date, with more joining all the time. This popularity has led to even further growth, with more and more being put into the platform as a result. According to the Olymp Trade survey on their main page, they have up to 25 000 daily traders active all the time. Both milestones suggest that these two platforms are doing something right.

As a basic backing for all their activities, both of these top brokers have a great history and supporting structure. This position allows them to move forward with confidence and deliver the very best services to their clients.

There is more to an IQ Option and Olymptrade review so we must look closer at the details.

Signing Up and Accounts

The first thing that any users will encounter when they decide to join either of these brokers is the login section.

The process is designed to be intuitive and simple for new users to join and get started immediately. For either the IQ Option or Olymp Trade app, users only require a valid email address and a password to set up. Once they are logged in, they will be presented with their account and can set things up further from there.

For both IQ Option and Olympic Trade, there are several account options available to the users. For both of the basic accounts, the minimum deposit required is just $10. This will give users access to the full trading spectrum and all the financial instruments available on each of these platforms. This enables virtually everyone a place to trade for real money online.

On top of this low minimum deposit, there is an equally low minimum stake required for each trade. Both of these platforms go as low as just $1 for their lowest individual investments. They also employ leverage to help grow these minimums and in this regard IQ Option provides a great grounding for pushing these investments as high as they can go.

For those traders that are looking to increase their volumes and invest further, both of these online brokers offer an additional premium account that can be accessed when users pass a certain Investment amount. For IQ Option this amount is $1900, while Olymptrade provides their VIP account after an investment of $2000.

These VIP accounts on both platforms provide a better level of service for the more experienced traders. This includes the likes of better training information including a personal trading mentor to help guide traders in a more deliberate and specified direction. It also provides improved support for these prestigious members that have shown themselves dedicated to their craft.

On top of these great offers and varieties in account types, both brokers offer their users and in-built demo account. This is a fantastic tool to gain experience within not just the marketplace but also accessing it through the specific platform. On both IQ Option and Olimp Trade demo accounts, users are provided with $10,000 virtual money available for practise only. Users can also switch readily between their accounts and the demo option.

Picking the appropriate account is an important step in deciding which trading environment users want.

Financial Instruments

Having a wide range of accounts that can cater to the different types of traders goes a long way in providing a good brokerage platform.

However, probably the most important section for any IQ Option and Olymp Trade reviews to focus on is the financial instruments the platforms have available. This is because ultimately traders are going to be dealing with these the most and a variety here can make the experience much more involved.

  • Forex. This is one of the most popular instruments in the trading world. It deals with foreign exchange and trading currencies. Both IQ Option and Olymp Trade have great Forex trading options available. IQ Option provides further range within this instrument, with more diversity to trade with. When we compare Olymp Trade, they have less currencies available to trade by quite a bit.

  • Stocks. Another popular instrument in the trade room. Stocks are the most recognisable type of market, with the more standard buying and selling. Again, both the IQ Option and Olymp Trade systems offer their users a viable position in amongst the available assets. These have a wide range of options, with IQ Option again providing more assets for users to delve into.

  • Cryptocurrencies. These have become a popular trading instrument, with their fluctuating prices making interesting trading options. Each system has an array of crypto options available to the traders. Like with any instrument, these have their own set of benefits and drawbacks for the users to explore.

  • Commodities. These are the more niche sector of the market, with fewer options to trade on than the others. Once more, there is a selection of these assets up for trade on both these platforms. With the limited securities involved these can be more limiting but they offer their own set of expectations and surprises.

  • CFDs. Contracts for difference are a derivative trading option where users speculate on the values of certain assets. IQ Option has a couple of options within this particular instrument. Olymp Trade on the other hand has not involved this instrument in their trading room. This is perhaps indicator of its younger age and current focus.

  • Options. These are the ever-growing financial instruments that operate in the binary fashion. This is to say that they have two possible outcomes, usually high or low, and make for great intro trading options. These are accessible on the Olymp Trade platform but again, there is a greater offering found with IQ Option which is top of the line especially with regard to options trading.

Concerning the options trading there is a cap on the potential returns available to the traders that make these types of trades. This is comparative to the amount of investment and factored in as a percentile of this investment. IQ Option offers up to 90% of the stake placed on the trade, while Olymp Trade goes only as high as 80% on their basic account.

The Olymp Trade system has around 100 assets to trade on, while IQ Option has over 500, a more varied selection for traders to build their online trading strategies.

Overall, there are many different instruments to trade on within either of these platforms.

Tools and Training

Trading can be a complicated and involved process, with practice and research required to ensure better success.

Regardless of level, a trader requires as much advantage as possible to increase their chances. Top platforms like Olymp Trade and IQ Option are aware of this situation and so provide their users as much aid in this pursuit as is possible.

IQ Option prides itself in their graphic tools and charts that display the market situation to the traders. This system is a high quality way of delivering as much information as possible to the users while they are engrossed in their trading activity. They allow for a series of mapping tools as well that enable traders to better predict and gauge the various market movements.

Olymp Trade also has options with their trading displays but they don't provide the same range of tools in this regard. However, when it comes to general resources to help traders learn and get the hang of the marketplace, they are very adept. This support allows new traders to learn all the aspects of the market and how to engage with each.

IQ Option also has similar tutorial options, though perhaps not to the same extent. Both of these platforms allow their VIP clients, using their premium accounts, to get access to personalised training and market assistance.

The objective of both of these platforms is to give their users the best chance of succeeding in the market.

Applications and Support

Another really important part of an online broker is the application they provide for their users to access the marketplace and trade room they set up.

There are many ways of utilising apps, across a variety of platform options. These include desktop, browser and mobile. Each of these have incentive behind their use and as such require their own application to access through.

IQ Option provides a powerful and reliable application across all the above platforms. These operate quickly and efficiently so that trades can be placed rapidly and without any delays that could cause problems.

Olymp Trade also has apps for each of the platforms so traders can use these to access the trade room they provide. The broad offering allows users of all the different platforms to have a go at trading.

Support is also critical with these platforms. IQ Option and Olymp Trade both have systems in place that provide additional support to all their users. This adds a level of comfort while trading on these platforms as there is a place to go for answers should anything go wrong.

Traders can also ask for help with any questions related to the market and get advice on some of their trading actions.

Payment Methods

With any online broker, an important part of the process is money exchange.

Whether it is related to withdrawals or deposits, there is a persistent need for reliable service in this regard. Traders will need to trust the payment methods they use and with it, the platform.

Due to their global reach, IQ option has over 20 different methods of online payment. This includes all the big credit cards and eWallets such as Neteller and Mastercard. This reach offers traders from all over the globe to pick the ones they are most comfortable with and get trading immediately.

Olymp Trade Malaysia has less than half the payment methods available through IQ Option but still offers some reliable options.

Users finding this platform lacking their preferred options can likely find these across at the IQ Option side.


Is Olymp Trade Legit?
Generally, the answer is yes.
Is Olymp trade a Scam?
No. Olymp Trade is one of the biggest trading platforms in the world.

Additional Extras

Both platforms offer a good trading environment, with several of their options similar to each other's. IQ Option has generally more of the overall offering and a longer experience in the field. With their options trading, IQ Option also provides a higher payout percentile, reaching marks of up to 90% profit on their investment.

In this article we will review the details of both IQ Option and 24option online brokers. We will look at the financial instruments, supporting features and overall offering of each of these top platforms.

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