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EToro is a platform for the people who are looking for investing in CFDs. The primary objective is to provide the people with the leverage of investing in CFDs. However, people can also invest in cryptocurrency. EToro is a platform that lets you invest. However, the risks and the stakes are high, while you invest in CFD. CFD is a high-risk platform where you can lose your money if you do not know how CFDs work.
April 11, 2020

EToro Review Malaysia, South Africa and etc

EToro target the people who are involved in the Crypto investment. If you are a specialist in the crypto exchange, then this is a great investing platform.

EToro is a startup that lets you invest. It is a fintech Israeli startup that lets you enjoy the investment programs. Moreover, the thing that catches the eye for the eToro is that it is a platform that is not listed anywhere. The annual report of it is not shown on the website or any of the exchanges. Moreover, eToro is not listed under any bank.

If you're not interested just in investing in CFDs, you can also work with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Crypto has been common among people.

If you are looking for some validation to use this platform, below are a few pros and cons. It will help you in deciding easily. This eToro review will help you guide through the asset investment, crypto, bitcoin and more.

Etoro main features and highlights
Minimum deposit
Time to open an account
1 day
Withdrawal fee amount

EToro Fees

EToro does not charge any fees for the trade that is done overnight. However, you will have to pay charges for the opening of the account. Moreover, eToro fees are charged to those who are at a high position and getting more profits.

The fees in crypto trading is based on the liquidity of the assets and the stock market conditions.

EToro Wallet Fees

If you are willing to open the eToro wallet, it will help you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. However, there are also some fees for the eToro Wallet.

There are two types of wallets for eToro.

The eToroX charges a 1% fee, whereas the SimpleX charges a 4% fee.

The eToro does not charge any of the deposit fees. However, there is a fee for the withdrawal. The tiered approach is followed for the fees. The fees are calculated according to Tier 1. If the Tier level increases, the fees are calculated according to that.

EToro's Pros:


EToro is a platform where you do not have to pay any commission. It is a commission-free stock that lets you enjoy the leverage.

ETF Trading

EToro is also great at providing CTF trading. If you are a European client, you do not have to pay any commission. Moreover, the clients who are not in Europe have to pay reasonably low fees for trading.

Account Opening

Account opening for the eToro is fast. You do not have to hassle much for the eToro account opening. You can easily enjoy the seamless account opening process.

Social Trading

The social trading is a new feature. This is a feature that is not available for any other investment platforms. This makes eToro different and lets the investors have a similar plan like other investors.

EToro's Cons:

System Freezes

The EToro is a platform where the system freezes sometimes, so you need to be aware of that. The investments you need to be seamless, due to system freezing, might create some issues.

Customer Service

The customer service of the EToro is mediocre. You can't fully rely on the system, so you need to be prepared for the unreliable customer service of eToro.

Tools of Education

The education tools available for eToro are very limited. Thus, you will have to make it work with limited tools.


Is eToro legal in Malaysia?
eToro is not licensed to operate in Malaysia. But you can use link IQ Option
Can I use Robinhood in Malaysia
No. But You can use an analog.

Is eToro Safe in Malaysia?

If you are wondering how safe is eToro, you will be pleased to know that eToro provides people with proper security. eToro offers a risk management guidance. If you are wondering if CFDs are difficult to manage and if they end up losing you money, then you will be provided with proper security and guidance from eToro.

The eToro takes proper precautions to make sure the personal information of the user is safe. The funds of the user are also kept safe by taking necessary precautions by eToro.

However, if you are into the crypto trading you will work for yourself and risks are up to you. If you are buying and investing with the crypto trading, you can never be sure, moreover, the insurance will not be given in case of any loss.


EToro comes with great tools for analysing. You should use them should you need more research to be done. eToro is interactive and user-friendly. The users do not have to worry about learning the complexity of this trading and investing platform. Analysts recommend this platform for trading.

But EToro has limited data, and, without fundamental data, it can be difficult for you to trade. Thus, you need to have proper cryptocurrency data and other trading data. Moreover, the news flow is also low at the eToro.

You can find the research available in various languages.

Customer Suppor:

EToro customer service is rated the worst because it just does not have any support for the customers. The customers have to use the web ticketing system. It takes ages to resolve any issues. There is no live chat or contact number for customers to contact.

However, the professionals recommend the FXPro platform for the people who are experienced. If you are a new user, you can use the IQ option for the investment. You won't have to worry anymore about the investments.
While, if you are a professional, then it is recommendable for you to use FX Pro.

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