Zacks Investment Review

Zacks investment management is a financial advisory company that is based in Chicago and it got over 4.7 billion dollar worth of assets under their care. It is also known as Zacks investment research firm because it is more research-driven compared to most research advisors. Even though they have lots of assets under their care, it is a smaller team than you would probably expect because it is made of 11 financial advisors on their staff.
October 29, 2019

Zacks Investment Management History

Zacks management investment started back in 1878, founded by a quantitative equity analyst called Leonard Zacks. It was formally established in 1992 and from there the research company has been offering data and analysis to anyone interested in investing. Many of the ideas that shape the company came from Leonard himself, including the philosophies of the company and the strategies. The company heavily values the power of research, and it has a team of dedicated staff who does research and makes propriety quantitative models and academic articles that can be studied.

The company works primarily as a financial advisor with individual investors who don't have a high amount of net worth. However, they still provide other services, such as investment management, pooled investment vehicles, investment companies and other services relating to investing. For its traditional investment, you will be required to pay 500.000 dollars, but for the Robo-advisory program you can pay as low as 5.000 dollars.

Who can Join Zacks Investment?

Generally, any investor can join this platform. Most of the clients are individual investors. It works with both high-net-worth individuals and individual investors, although it mostly serves individual investors. They also offer service to pension, estates, trusts, and investment companies. Zacks investment does not only offer investment management services alone, but they also offer strategies to professionals who might be interested in using them. It is a client-based business, and it includes third-party registered investment advisors, brokerage firms and independent broker-dealers.

Zacks Investment Minimum Account Sizes

You will be required to pay a cool 500.000 dollars for you to join this platform. By investing the money you will get advisory services the traditional way. The fee applies to all, both the individual fixed-income securities accounts and wealth management programs. However, if you cannot afford the 500.000 dollars or you just can't pay all that money, you can still get their services at a lower fee, but not the traditional advisory services. You will receive advisory services through their Robo-advisory program, and you will be required to pay just 5.000 dollars.

What are the Services Offered by Zacks Investment Management?

Zacks investment management offers several services, but they primarily focus on providing discretionary investment management. Clients are given 16 strategies to choose from, if one enrolls for the wealth management program. The program is more focused on asset allocation. As for clients who choose the other approach, they are provided with 4 alternative strategies. They also have a Robo-advisory program that is commonly known as Zacks advantage. To meet all the requirements and needs their clients might need, the company makes use of other affiliated firms.

The Philosophy of Zacks Investment Management

The philosophy by Zacks investment management is centered on Zacks rank. Zacks Rank is a proprietary ranking that was developed by Leonard Zacks himself. The stock selection model is based on the trends in earnings estimate revisions and earnings surprises. The company relies on this model, and they also conduct more research, plus they have a software and other models to ensure everything works out perfectly. They create customized portfolios that are comprised of bonds and stocks entirely in the company. Zacks says that their unique blend of techniques is aimed at offering more diversification and lower risk. All their strategies are in-house, and they claim that it gives more transparency and gets results at a lower fee.

Zacks investment management offers several different investing strategies and five of the most notable strategies are ranked in the top 7 percent by Morningstar. The firm saves you the hassle of determining which is the most suitable strategy for your portfolio and suggests you with the best model, based on several factors that include risk tolerance, your goals and the time horizon. Once the most suitable strategy is established, they create a portfolio using their satellite strategies and models that are supported by Zacks investment management research insights. They actively manage your portfolio and monitor the strategies on an everyday basis using data from their research as a resource.
Pros and Cons of Zacks Investment
Pros of Zacks Investment:

  • A great place for industry research
The research in Zacks investment management is conducted by Ph.D. holders who have been in the field for quite some time. Their team is made of some of the smartest guys in the industry and working with them gives you a good opportunity to learn from gurus on the most recent industry trends.Client-oriented
One thing that makes people love this platform even more is the fact that it is client-oriented. The company is very dedicated to making sure that clients maximize their rates of return and minimizes the risks of investment. It is a platform that will help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Healthy working environment
The philosophy and the culture of the company are nice. If you decide to work for the company, you are going to enjoy your time there. Most people who have worked for the company has good things to say about it.
  • A great place for industry research
Healthy working environment
Cons of Zacks Investment

  • Poor management
The company is great and the employees are great, but some people feel the management is a little poor.
  • A small company
As we established, the company has 11 staff members. This means advancement opportunities are pretty low even though the work/life balance is good.

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