Full HD Dash Camera on Youtube

Record Your Driving Experience

Every time you get behind a wheel, an unexpected situation may happen, and it doesn't matter how good you drive. It only takes a second and a small distraction at the wrong time and boom – you are a victim of an accident. The Dash Witness is a similar concept to what police uses to record driving conditions and criminal activity around their vehicles. Their equipment, however, is much more bulky and expensive. Our Dash Witness dashboard camera justifies its cost; you get to enjoy even more for less.
The Dash-Witness is a small black-box car dashboard camera, mounted to your car's windshield, recording both audio and video continuously, while providing an eye witness in case of an accident or any unusual situation around your car.

With Dash Witness you will never say: "I wish I had evidence or someone was around to see what really happened.” Dash Witness will provide you with a 24/7 eye witness in and out of your car.

Staged Car Accidents

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of insurance fraud schemes. Take a look at the videos below to find out how easily an accident can be staged.