Suretrader Review 2020

Suretrader is a platform for the Bahamas traders, it offers traders some unique benefits and is a good platform for anyone looking for a place that will reduce their trading costs. It contains a large selection of services you'd want. Let's read Suretrader Review!
October 22, 2019

Suretrader: Fees, Pros and Cons, Commissions

Suretrader is a broker/dealer company based in the Bahamas and regulated by the Bahamas Security Commission. The company accelerates even traders with below the required PDT levels of $25,000, so even if you know you have less than $25,000, you can definitely be sure to trade as much as you want. Platform customer service is certainly not the best, and there are some glitches we will discuss in this article.
Who can trade with Suretrader?
  • The platform is great for anyone who wants to trade stocks and futures, the cake is also better for people who have less than $25,000 in equity, a template trader rule.
  • The platform is also good for professional traders and looking for some impact on trading.
  • Suretrader also great for international traders and those who are eager for advanced charting capabilities.

Who uses Suretrader?

  • Initial investors

Trading dailies is not easy. We learned about people who lost huge amounts of money trying to trade on a daily basis. But if you are planning to start trading on this platform, you will be relieved to know that you can learn more than the simple basics with a $100,000 free demos before you really try it out. The minimum bill is only $500, this allows new marketers to start small and learn a lot more every day. The platform even includes a section for its newcomers on the website. If you are just a beginner, this could be one of the best platforms to try out. Remember that professional retailers were also beginners at one point.

  • Advanced traders

Any experienced trader will know how to appreciate the fact that there is no day trading rules on Suretrader. The most experienced merchant will also appreciate the Suretrader desktop pro, which certainly provides faster merchant placement, better charting and other advanced features, such as hotkeys. These are the characteristics that will make any experienced and professional trader happier. They also provide stock shorts and pinks. No such offer is received from every broker.

Suretrader Commissions and Fees

  • For options, commissions are $4.95 and a fee of $0.5 per contract.
  • $500 for a cash account and $500 for a margin account.
  • There are no routine (ECN) fees with new commission rates.
  • For quantities in excess of $1 million, you will need to contact for advice on what to do.
  • Equity or margin calls fees are an additional $25 per trade.
  • There are $25 each for giving or elective exercises.
  • $40 fee for outgoing funds.
  • $50 charged on inactive accounts for merchants with fewer than 15 stores quarterly.
  • Charges with heavy lending short-term are transferred to the client and vary from one client to another.
  • A 0.5 percent increase fee is charged briefly for short positions held overnight.
  • Securities that are not eligible for DTC have additional costs
  • Overnight margin fees are charged on accounts that have capital below 50 percent.

Suretrader Platform and Tools

Suretrader contains 3 trading platforms and you can be sure to choose the one that interests you the most. Platforms include the Suretrader mobile app, the Suretrader desktop, and trading based on the Suretrader website. For the Suretrader desktop you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $49 to enjoy all the options that the platform provides. You will be required to pay $25 monthly fees for the Suretrader mobile app (available for iOS and Android). Using the Suretrader online trading platform is free. Most people think that going for a working version is a great choice, but if you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can also use the Suretrader web platform for trading, it will certainly serve you well.

Suretrader Customer Service and Help

Customer service is always a very important aspect when deciding to trade with any platform you choose. We can't claim Suretrader customer service is the worst, but it's definitely not near the best. Many people have negative comments about their support, and if you just search Suretrader customer service on Google, they will find hundreds of complaints from their customers. People claim that resolving live conflicts takes too long, and you can lose out on your store. Another complaint is that their phone lines are always unavailable, and you can wait up to an hour... and no one will answer your call. In short, their customer support is not very efficient and you cannot count on it to help you when you need it.
Pros and Cons of Suretrader
Pros of Suretrader:

  • Suretrader disregards trading rules for days.
  • Suretrader offers one of the smallest amounts for a minimum deposit. You will only need to deposit $500. You can't beat that deal easily.
  • Suretrader is fully packed with great trading tools that allow you to access many chart features and market data in real time in just a few seconds.
  • As a new Suretrader member, you get free deals up to $50.
Cons of Suretrader:

  • The platform charges you $25 per day for margin or proprietary call fees.
  • If your account contains less than 15 stores per quarter, you will be charged a $50 inactivity fee.
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