Tc2000 Brokerage Review

The Tc2000 is one of the best platforms and has low trading margin rates. The platform owner is Vorden Brothers Inc. and is one of the most used trading platforms in the world. Read Tc2000 Review!
November 27, 2019

Tc2000 Brokerage Review 2020: Fees, Commissions and Cost

The Tc2000 Broker is a trading platform that is well-recommended to investors who buy options, stocks and RTF directly from the chart. This platform provides well-analyzed stock marketing results. The platform is also packed with various tools to facilitate your trading. If I rated it, I'd give it a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Let's get into details.

Pricing Options at TC2000 Broker

The Tc2000 comes with 3 great pricing options that are all affordable, and you can choose one that you think will be able to afford, one that will provide whatever is necessary for your needs as a dealer. Now read the options, price and what they entail.

  • Silver
Silver is an easy option for pricing and is the best among the three options. You will be expected to pay $9.99 a month. It is important to note that this plan does not have all the functionality, but more people consider it sufficient. Only charts are not available in this basic plan. Data transfer speed in the market is also not available. All other functionality is available, but if you like to draw charts, you will need to move on to other pricing options. However, features contained in the silver platform include a cover of over 100,000 stocks, real-time feeds for indexes, news, options and stocks, access to 7 pre-made layouts, exercises and testing strategies, have your own personal watch list, connect active financial website symbols, streaming charts with over 100 indicators. Additional services require an additional monthly fee.

  • Gold
Gold is another option for the prices offered by the Tc2000, and the price that will cost you is $29.9 a month. It's more expensive than the silver plan, but of course it comes with more options. One of the additional benefits of a gold membership plan is the ability to draw maps, such as trend lines and Fibonacci scroll. It may sound sketchy that it costs three times as much just to get one extra option, but this option will be worth every penny you paid. The Gold Membership Plans also has the option of sophisticated scanning capability, which is a tool that is very good and makes scanning much easier. You will have the ability to create your own custom reports, view stocks with upcoming earnings and dividends and earning announcements, watch over 100 price and trend alerts, and many more benefits.

  • Platinum
Platinum is a little more expensive than the other two, and maybe the price is too expensive because you will be required to pay $89.98 a month. The opinion of the most is that paying a platinum membership plan is just a waste of money, and that might be true, but there are those who pay it and consider it a very good decision. Includes all Gold Membership options and other additional features. Some of these features monitor over 1,000 price alerts, trend lines, and indicators, instant access to incoming stock listings by simply clicking the count on your dashboard, setting automatic sorting intervals on listings and viewing up to 15 concurrent inventory counts scanning. With all these options, it might be worth considering trying something special for professionals.

Features of Tc2000 Brokerage

  • Charts
The charts offered by the Tc2000 are highly customizable, and they are one of the best reasons why people love trading on this platform. While you may think that such maps are those of other platforms, charts with the Tc2000 are more robust. One feature that definitely distinguishes charts from competitors is the data frame. With this feature, you can click on the chart from anywhere and see the time returns. Returns are on an annual basis, as well as at various data points such as close, low, high, open and indicator values.

  • Indicators
Premium charting services will give you an indication that you will not know what they represent. The standard plan gives you 100 indicators, which is certainly more than enough, but if you insist on more, you can go to a platinum membership plan and get more than 1,000 indicators.

Customer support of Tc2000

If you need customer support, the Tc2000 is sublime. Their customer support has a 5 star rating from many experienced professionals. They don't let you wait on the line as long as on other platforms. Your phone call is received almost immediately, and you get the help you asked for right away. The live chat option is also very good and useful, not forgetting their support email address to which they respond as soon as possible. They customer support is the best.
Pros and Cons of Tc2000
Pros of Tc2000 :

  • A customer support service is very helpful. Their customer support is one of the main reasons why many like to trade on this platform.
  • Very low margin and commission rates.
  • Excellent trading platform that is great even for beginners.
Cons of Tc2000:

  • The platform does not include futures and forex.
  • News and information services are scarce.
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